New £80k skate park approved for Fender Way, Prenton

Exclusive: New £80k skate park approved for Fender Way, Prenton

The Wirral is set to welcome a brand new £80,000 skate park on Fender Way, Wirral Way has learned.

The Prenton-based project has been confirmed by Wirral Council, though timescales have not yet been agreed according to a Freedom of Information (FOI) response.

“Wirral Council can confirm £80,000 of S106 has been agreed by Beechwood JMC and The Big Local Partnership Board to be spent on a small scale outdoor “Skate Park area” on Fender Way,” it reads.

“A representative from Parks and Countryside has attended all meeting and has agreed with this funding allocation. Timescales have not been agreed yet but are under discussion.

“[The skate park] is proposed for the Beechwood Estate, which has been funded from a Section 106 agreement, and will be added to the maintenance schedule.”

Big Local mentioned the possibility of a skate park on Fender Way in October 2015, though at the time the organisation wanted to get the views of young people, youth groups and schools first.

This, though, represents official confirmation and costings behind the new project. Our FOI was originally sent to discover more about the proposed ‘biggest skateboarding youth village in the UK’ which cropped up during our interview with the Wirral chapter of Chicks in Bowls.

Costing £6million, the project has sank into obscurity over the last couple of years, with Wirral Council claiming that charity Rampworx pulled out of the ambitious plans.

“Wirral Council can confirm Rampworx pulled out of their plans to develop the new facility.

“Wirral Council can confirm at its Cabinet meeting on 24 September 2009, the Cabinet approved the granting of a lease of 125 years to Rampworx, a registered charity, at a peppercorn rent to enable them to obtain funding to create an indoor skate park and youth facility at land in Valley Road, Birkenhead – the value of this land was estimated to be £245,000.

“However, as stated above, Rampworx pulled out of their plans to develop the new facility. Following a decision by Rampworx not to proceed with the Seacombe site, the £20k grant allocated to Rampworx from the Public Health Outcomes Fund by Wallasey Constituency Committee was returned to the Committee for reallocation to other projects.”

Wirral Way has contacted Rampworx for comment.

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